scattergories [ 2006-06-19, 6:22 a.m. ]

Reason #1054 that I dislike Fleetwood Mac.
Cleary, clearly, a wild winged dove would say coo-coo-coo. Not hoo-hoo-hoo, that would be an owl. An Owl damn you!
Friggin hippies.
I went by a bank this morning and on their flashing digi-sign the temp was in celcius. I can't do conversion in my head at 5:30 am and drive...and eat my biscuit...and drink my fancy pants Starbucks coffee!!!!
I know that in school I was told that by now we'd all be on the metric system so we would be just like the rest of the world. But it hasn't happened and it won't! Why should we?
"the rest of the world does it!"
Well if the rest of the world jumped off a bridge would you do that? (See I'm a parent now, stuff like that just oozes from me)
How will you ever get by if you go to Paraguay? We have embraced the whole liter thing for soft drinks mind you. That's something isn't it?
I know that uttering the word...*looks around in fear that someone may see him type it*..."individualism" is likely to have you excecuted these days, but what's wrong with doing your own thing for gawdsakes.
But Mr. Gutter! What if you're in the Czech Republic and you can't read celcius to tell whether to wear your summer bullet proof vest or your winter one?
That is a quandry but I'll take my chances.
With everything else being homogenized into bland sameness in this world I demand to keep my fareinheit and ounces and inches. I simply demand it!
What makes us different and unique makes us interesting.
I've had people tell me "you really must meet so and so, they think, talk and act just like you!"
Well how flippin' boring would that be? Give me somebody polar opposite of me, now that sounds like a interesting time.
This tug of war with liberalism and conservatism is little more than the desire to force "proper" behavior upon others. Whether you seek to ban gay marriage or ban cheeseburgers you seek to destroy individual freedom. And you are my eternal enemy. Guarantee of safety net means loss of freedom. So take away my net, I beg of Big Government and let me plunge if I must but I will at least be free.
Geez, like to sermon-ize much?

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