not so famous last words [ 2006-01-06, 6:34 a.m. ]

**looks around** sniffs the air**
So this is 2006 then? Hmmm. I guess we'll see about you in due time Mr.2006. I'm not so sure from what I see thus far. Get busy.
I was watching one of those channels like History, Discovery etc. You know the ones you claim you watch a lot but instead in reality you're watching E's the "Top 100 Hottest Hookups of all time" or something. One of those channels. I dunno why, maybe the batteries in the remote were suddenly dead and I got stuck there while surfing.
But I digress (I also regress and prom dress but that's a whole other issue), I was watching a show on famous last words. And I, of course, was thinking I needed to come up with some great last words. But what? I mean you can't copy famous last words and get anywhere. You can't be too trendy, because it might have to be topical 50 years away.
GP:"Tell Paris Hilton our dirty little secret died with me".
GP grieving family member: "Who's Paris Hilton? The hotel?"
So it must be more timeless. I like the pastoral imagery of Stonewall Jacksons' "lay me down by the river in the shade of the trees.." thing, but I think it's famous more for being his words than the words themselves. I'm not in any position fame wise to get away with such.
Maybe something so strange it appears to be deep and meaningful.
Or not.
Even worse, death can come suddenly upon you! You could get hit by a bus, get on the wrong side of Hillary Clinton, get hit by a tidal wave or even just konk out with no warning from bird flu or sumpin'. What then? You're great last words are never spoken! I think you carry in your wallet a slip of paper with your last words on them to be read. THEN you even have the spooky "oh he KNEW he was going to die" aura about you. And that's pretty cool in itself.
I'm not sure what I want to say just yet, but I am working on it. If before I work it out, I do unexpectantly konk out and assume room temperature maybe someone will grab this very entry and hold it up and show that I at least was trying to have some decent last words.
At any rate, I hope I do have 40 odd years or so left, it may take me that long to come up with something good.

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